Workshops & Training Seminars
In many ways, we get just as excited about the prospect of running smaller workshops and training seminars as we do about large conferences. Because of the smaller size, they open up a plethora of fantastic venues that are simply not big enough for a 500 or 1000 person conference.

Did you know that 90% of people learn faster and remember more when the left side of their brain is stimulated? When they can see and touch and smell new things. With this in mind, why would you run your next workshop or training seminar in the office boardroom? Get your staff out of the office and provide them with a more stimulating learning environment.

We can simply locate and book an appropriate venue if that's all you need. Or, we can take a more involved role and organise audio visual, catering, activities or even accommodation. Our experience and industry discounts can save you time and money!

Get out of the office and reap the benefits of a more productive learning environment!